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Ongoing Administration (Packaged Hours)

This option provides you with a bank of hours each month which can be utilised in any of the areas agreed to in your Service Agreement. 

This could include;

  • Completing ongoing administrative tasks such as uploading new users to your Learning Management System (LMS), recording staff attendance in a training matrix or uploading new e-learning programs to your LMS,

  • Completing L&D reporting based on data provided to us or extracted from your LMS or PMS (Performance Management System),

  • Booking training which could also include researching different training providers and requesting quotes in order to decide on the best provider to meet specific learning objectives and budgets,

  • Booking training venues and travel for staff, ordering catering, stationery and training resources,

  • Managing mandatory training and monitoring refresher dates such as Health and Safety Representative training, First Aid/ Remote First Aid, 4WD, Cultural Awareness, Floor Warden and Fire Warden, facilitator industry currency and subscriptions, memberships and registrations,

  • Development of training materials and programs including creation of facilitation and learner guides, PowerPoint presentation, schedules and evaluation tools.


15 hours per month

Starting at $1,035 per Month

$69 per hour


Starting at $1,980 per Month

$66 per hour

30 hours per month


45 hours per month

Starting at $2,835 per Month

$63 per hour


60 hours per month

Starting at $3,600 per Month

$60 per hour


Vamigo is contracted to complete a certain task or project. We will discuss your requirements, expectations and business/project strategy with you and provide a customised quote.

Projects could include:

  • Conducting Training Needs Analysis (TNA) to identify skill-gaps – this can be completed through manual surveys, online surveys, consultation with managers and staff, etc.

  • Designing and developing training programs to meet specific requirements such as filling the gaps identified through TNA

  • Evaluating training programs including developing pre-training and post-training surveys

  • Development of Organisational Strategies and Framework such as; Learning and Development Strategy, Learning and Development Framework, Customer Service Strategy, Coaching Framework and Performance Management Framework.

  • Proof reading, editing and updating existing strategies and frameworks.

  • Researching, Comparing and Implementing a Learning Management System (LMS) or Performance Management System (PMS) including migrating/importing data from an employee data base, existing and manual training records or from an existing LMS or PMS.

  • Designing and Developing an organisation specific Induction program for new starters including manager/employee checklists, employee handbooks and face-to-face facilitated welcome orientation.


This package is perfect if you need assistance during peak periods, to cover leave or complete short tasks. You can purchase pre-paid hours which can be used over a 12 month period.

This package can be utilised for small projects and tasks for example; administration, data entry, and creating surveys.

Run out of hours? Just purchase another pre-paid pack or perhaps our ongoing package would be more suitable.

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