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Employment Coaching for Success

Feeling a little green on the application and interview process these days? 

Lacking in confidence after taking a break from working?

We can help!


We have developed a specialised program to help you gain the confidence to return (or enter) the workforce. We offer one on one coaching and use a range of methods to simulate the job application process including:

  • Applying for the job

    • creating or updating a resume and writing a cover letter

    • Analysing key words in the job advertisement

    • Sending your application and following up

    • Creating SEEK or Indeed profiles, setting you up for success

    • Accessing the hidden job market

  • Preparing for an interview

    • Looking at common interview questions and how you can best answer them

    • Looking at suitable interview attire and how to present yourself

    • Participating in mock interviews with one of our team who will also give you constructive feedback to work on


Interested? Drop your details below and we will call you for a free discovery call to talk about your needs.

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