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Mumma's resume
  • Mumma's resume

    Hey Mumma! Looking to return to the workforce but not sure where to start? Need to update your resume but not sure what to include / exclude? Unsure how to explain the time gap on your resume where you were raising your child/ren? This is my jam!


    As a mum, I know the emotional process you go through when you start planning to return to work. Sometimes it can feel overwhelming, and downright scary!!! Sometimes it is a welcomed escape from speaking baby 24/7.


    However you are feeling, I am here to create an exciting and functional resume that you can be proud to hand over. Need a cover letter too? No problems!


    Need some help building up your confidence ready for that interview? Book into my one-on-one interview coaching sessions.


    I am here to hold your hand the whole way until you secure that dream position!

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